Townscape, Inc

Water Resources Protection Plan

Completed 2019

Townscape is contracted by the State Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM) to update the Water Resource Protection Plan (WRPP), which, as a major element of the overall Hawaiʻi Water Plan, has the objective of protecting statewide public trust water resources and uses, watersheds, and natural stream environments.

The Vision of the Commission on Water Resource Management is “Flowing Streams, sustainable aquifers, and functioning watersheds for the use, enjoyment, and benefit of all.”

The current update includes an analysis of water resources; regulatory programs; future water uses and their impacts; and a description of programs to conserve, augment, and protect water resources. Stakeholder consultation with water resource professionals, cultural practitioners, and the general public provided valuable insight into data and program gaps. The new update provides a 5-year ACTION PLAN for CWRM and its staff, including actions that address critical water resources planning issues, such as water rights for traditional and customary cultural practices and the need to adapt to climate change.

The Mission of the Commission on Water Resource Management is “To protect and manage the waters of the State of Hawaiʻi for present and future generations.”