Townscape, Inc

Primary Urban Center Watershed Management Plan


Townscape is currently contracted by the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) to develop the Primary Urban Center Watershed Management Plan (PUC WMP), a long-range plan that inventories and assesses the water resources and future water demands of the Primary Urban Center District of Oʻahu.

Each of the eight planning districts on Oʻahu will have a Watershed Management Plan. Townscape, Inc. also prepared the Waiʻanae WMP, the Koʻolau Poko WMP, and the ʻEwa WMP.

The PUC District includes all of urban Honolulu, stretching from Kahala/Kaimukī in the east and Pearl City in the west, and covers an area of about 105 square miles (or about 1/6 of the island of Oʻahu). The population of the PUC in 2010 was 420,000 people.

The Primary Urban Center consists of about 105 square miles of land, or about one sixth of Oʻahu's total land area. It stretches from Kaimukī to Pearl City and encompasses forest lands of the Koʻolau Range.

The PUC WMP is one of the eight district watershed management plans that the BWS is developing, which together will constitute the Oʻahu Water Management Plan. The plan includes projections for water use and water supplies for the year 2040, as well as very long-range estimates of water demand and water supplies for the year 2100.

The eight Oʻahu Watershed Management Plans all share the same holistic goal.

It also includes an analysis of critical watershed issues and concerns, as voiced by public agencies, non-profit organizations, and residents, and describes watershed management projects and strategies that can be implemented to address these issues. In 2019 the PUC WMP will be presented to the BWS Board of Directors, to the Honolulu City Council, and to the State Commission on Water Resource Management for adoption and approval.

The development of the Primary Urban Center Watershed Management Plan involved extensive outreach to community members, organizations, agencies, and decision-makers.