Townscape, Inc

TOWNSCAPE, INC. is an environmental and community planning company that was established in 1991 with offices in downtown Honolulu. We are a small company with an average staff size since our founding of about five planners. We do not subscribe to the American business model of “BIGGER IS BETTER.” We believe that for the kind of environmental and community work that we do, “smaller is better.”

Our mission is to shape plans that enhance the social, cultural, economic, and environmental health of Hawaiʻi’s communities.

Our Guiding Principles include the following:

  • Plan to Act; don’t just plan to plan;
  • Consult with diverse stakeholders early and often;
  • Plan holistically: understand and integrate the many dimensions of the planning puzzle – people, politics, customs, cultures, economics, finance, rules, regulations, environment, ecology, and the natural processes of water and land;
  • Tell the client and the community what they need to hear; not just what they want to hear;
  • Communication is key! Communicate clearly and succinctly.