Townscape, Inc

Kaiaka Watershed-Based Plan

Completed 2018

Under contract with AECOM, Townscape worked with the City and County of Honolulu Department of Facilities Maintenance and the State Department of Health Clean Water Branch to develop a watershed management plan for the six watersheds that drain into Kaiaka Bay on Oʻahu’s North Shore. The goal was to develop an environmentally holistic, community-based, and economically viable plan that addresses land-based pollution, both point source and non-point source. The planning process followed guidelines specified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and included stakeholder consultations, watershed and pollutant load modeling, GIS analysis, and extensive research. The Kaiaka Bay Watershed-Based Plan identifies solutions to restore and protect surface water quality in inland and marine waters. Policy recommendations, priority management practices, and ideas for education and outreach were included in the plan. Funding for implementation is available through Clean Water Act section 319(h).

The Kaiaka Bay Watershed-Based Plan is comprised of two volumes: Volume 1 is the "Watersheds Characterization."
The Kaiaka Bay Watershed-Based Plan is comprised of two volumes: Volume 2 is the "Implementation Plan."
All of the waterbodies within the Kaiaka Bay Watersheds are polluted with excessive sediments, nutrients, and turbidity. Poamoho Stream is pictured here.
The Implementation Plan identified nine overall priority management measures that should be implemented within the watersheds to improve water quality.
The project area included two major stream systems comprised of six different watersheds.