Townscape, Inc

North Kohala Community Development Plan

Completed 2008

Townscape worked with the Hawaiʻi County Planning Department and the people of the North Kohala District to develop a Community Development Plan to “Keep Kohala Kohala.” The community identified and focused on four priority issues: growth management, public access, affordable housing, and infrastructure. The details of the plan flowed from the vision statement that was created by the North Kohala community.

North Kohala’s Vision Statement

We are a community that respects, preserves and honor our history, our land, and our diverse culture. We value access to our shores, our forests, and our streams.

We have a broad range of programs for our youth that includes work on the land. We have good social services, recreation, health, and education.

We are friendly and hard-working people, which enables us to continue to build our small businesses and create jobs as part of our sustainable economic development.

We have a strong community voice in the development of affordable housing, the use of our land, and the development of alternative energy sources.

ʻOhana and the Spirit of Aloha are the foundations of our community.