Oʻahu Greenprint

Hawaiʻi is a special place for its many residents and visitors. The landscapes that support agriculture and food security, provide habitat for our native species, replenish our drinking water, renew our spirit, and tie us to Hawaiʻi’s ancestral past sometimes come under threat. The Trust for Public Land and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs have initiated a plan called the Oʻahu Greenprint that takes into account these and other values to balance development with conservation. The values-based input will be integrated with science-based data that will be used to create Geographic Information System (GIS) maps to illustrate opportunities for land conservation.

TOWNSCAPE is assisting with the Oʻahu Greenprint by conducting outreach activities to collect community feedback on what values are important when prioritizing lands on Oʻahu for conservation and by assisting with the organization of the steering committee and data collection.

TPL assisted MAʻO Farm in Waiʻanae with acquiring 18.5 acres of land to add to their farm and educational program site.
The North Shore Community Land Trust did a pilot Greenprint for the North Shore. This map illustrates those areas that represent multiple conservation values.